Review has a mission of being able to build a platform of diversified products and services that drives sustainable long term growth while delivering extrinsic and intrinsic values for their clients. They have been in the data entry services business since 2008 and they have transformed business across verticals through their focus on strategic consulting services. They turn data into decisions and deliver insightful quantifiable results.’s rapidly expanding client base includes Fortune 500 companies and is a testament to our success providing workable, strategic solutions to difficult problems. They provide business analytics support using an integrated onsite/offshore business model. They are a global organization with offices located in California and Ahmedabad. Their exceptional skills in mathematics, statistics, data management and problem solving provide a strong background for work that is often used for strategic decision making purposes.

IQR Consulting Services Offered

  • Analytics solutions
  • Modeling and forecasting analysis
  • Marketing research
  • Database design and support
  • Automated tools
  • Custom reporting
  • Business strategy and consultation.

IQR Data Analytics dot com Customers

IQR Data Analytics dot com customers mainly consist of businesses and corporations. However, they do not mention anything on their website about discriminating against individuals. So, it is safe to assume that they are open to serving anyone who needs to utilize their services.

IQR Data Analytics Reviews Found

IQR Data Analytics reviews that have been left by their current and past customers have all been in a positive nature. However, the reviews of IQR Data Analytics do tend to be very brief. But, since they are positive and from high ranked people it is safe to assume that there is no IQR Data Analytics scam or IQR Data Analytics fraud taking place within this business data service. However, since the reviews are so brief, as you probably already can guess, there is no indication as to whether or not they offer any form of IQR Data Analytics discount. So, in order to find out whether or not they have any type of discount available for their data entry services you are going to want to contact them directly to inquire about this.