is one of the data entry services that are located in Southeastern Pennsylvania. They are a data entry and data processing service provider that specializes in accurate high speed, heads down data entry ranging from paper and electronic source documents. They have been established since 1977. When you decide to use you will not only have your paper converted to digital format but you will also receive the following benefits as well: the ability to do business with an American owned and operated data processing services, all data is handled at their Pennsylvania office located 30 miles north of Philadelphia, they have over 35 years of experience in the industry, they have data entry operates available 7 days a week, they provide their customers with quick turnarounds, depending on the scope of the project you may even be able to get a same day turnaround, they provide you with 99.5% accuracy of verified data entry, you do not have to hire programmers and purchase additional hardware or train on software, you minimize your own need for office staff and save on business costs such as labor, fees, rent, utility, and maintenance, they can take your paper documents from start to finish, they have distribution of corporate information easily and quickly, you can store, retrieve, update and share documents and data, and Forr’s can manage your project and your data with ease, skill and a high degree of quality.

Forrs dot com Services Offered

  • Data Entry
  • Data Tabulation
  • Typing & Transcription
  • Remote Entry
  • Survey Entry
  • Legal Coding
  • Data Processing & Conversion.

Forrs Customers

The customers of Forrs range from individuals to businesses. Basically, anyone who needs data entry work provided will be able to seek the services of Forrs. Reviews Found reviews that have been left on LinkedIn indicate that this business data service is not a scam or fraud. However, what the reviews of data services about do not indicate is whether not there is any type of discount available.