Review is one of the best data entry services available in India. They are a data entry outsourcing group that was established in 2002 with a one stop solution exposure in this booming industry. After a long period of hard work, planning, determination, and hard work they were finally able to open. Currently, has more than one hundred operators in their production centers that can all be arranged to work 24/7 so they can assist customers from any time zone. The operators are trained to handle printed matter or handwriting jobs, tagging or formatting jobs as well as OCR clean up jobs depending on their interest or capabilities. is best known for the accuracy, breadth and convenience of its data, addressing all types of information needs. Their stringent commitment to international standards of quality has been the reason behind their spectacular growth. is firm believers in investing in the latest technology to provide cutting-edge solutions to their clients.

Yantram Data Management Services Offered

  • Data entry
  • Data processing services
  • Data conversion services
  • Web research
  • Transcription services
  • Image processing
  • Medical claims processing
  • Html/sgml coding
  • Optical mark recognition
  • And many more!

Yantram Customers

Yantram works with a diverse set of clients in a wide variety of industries including real estate, travel, universities, clinics, hospitals, financial institutions, software, retail and many more. Reviews Found states on their website that they have been in business for over nine years. However, no reviews could be found. So, at this time it cannot be verified as to whether or not there is any scam or fraud taking place. Also since customers have left no reviews no one is going to be able to know for sure, without contacting the business data service as to whether or not they have any discount available either. The good news is since they have been around for so long and no one has called them out as a scam it is a good chance that this data entry service can be trusted.